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Four for Shiva

Angelo Piano Duo - "Four For Shiva" - David Garner

The Angelo Duo performs 2 movements (I. Brazilio Cuban and III. Hard Drive) of David Garner's "Four For Shiva." Presented by the San Francisco International Music Festival, this performance is from the closing concert of the 2007 Milton & Peggy Salkind International Piano Duo Festival at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. For more information on Sfmf and the Salkind International Piano Duo Festival visit: http://www.sfmf.org/

"Four for Shiva" was written by David Garner in 1988 for pianists Peggy Salkind and her student, Bernard Mizel. Shiva is the god of Hindu mythology who is often depicted as having more than two arms. The title is, therefore, a sort of joke, for, if such a being were to exist, it could play these pieces with out help--with a few lessons, that is. More seriously, however, Shiva is the Hindu symbol of destruction--destruction which, according to the many philosophies, is necessary to build anew, and which is integral in the cycle of becoming. The god is often shown dancing the dance of destruction. In each of the movements, David Garner uses some of the specific characteristics of modern American dance music: Afro-Cuban jazz, be-bop, and rock and roll. The destruction which is alluded to is a destruction of barriers. Barriers which in the past have separated jazz and rock music from classical in America are being obliterated, and elements of all three forms can be found in every style of music performed today. As in other countries, it seems as if the disparity of the culture itself can be a unifying force of that culture.
About David Garner
Well known and performed often, composer David Garner's body of work reflects his decades of musical training, historical knowledge, theatrical flair and humor. Professor Garner has taught at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music since 1979 and was the recipient of the 1997 George Sarlo Family Foundation Outstanding Professor Award.

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