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Driving the Troika - Valery Gavrilin

"Driving the Troika" is from a collection of 18 pieces for piano four hands, entitled "Sketches" by Russian composer, Valery Gavrilin. A well-known symbol of Russia, and a wild and exciting way to travel, the Troika is a unique 3 horse driving combination, which connects the horses to sleighs, carts, or covered wagons. The Troika ride has been recognized as the most spirited, fun, and fastest way to travel (up to 50 kilometres an hour) and the sensations that it evokes are in tune with the Russian personality and spirit. 

About the composer - Valery Gavrilin
Born in the northern Russian town of Vologda, Valery Gavrilin perceived folk music with his heart. "In Vologda, I had firsthand experience of life. I met people who helped me understand real beauty and kindness and the true value of life and people. My musical life started there." Then Gavrilin moved to St. Peterburg and linked his musical career with that city. A rare gift for melody made Gavrilin an excellent composer of songs. "All music has its origins in vocal music, and the human voice is its first carrier. It's hard to imagine how music could have survived the centuries if people had not had this wonderful instrument, the voice, always ready at hand. Thanks to the presence of words vocal music is easier for the general public to understand and this is crucial for me." (V. Gavrilin) The art of Gavrilin is one of the most vivid and striking features of the Soviet culture. Both the aesthetics and the style in his art are a perfect example of the neo-romantic tendencies in contemporary Russian music.

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